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                SEG and Tecnicas Reunidas (Spain) Signed an Consortium Agreement in the Presence of the State Leaders of China and Spain

                On November 28,Mr. Yu Baocai, deputy general manager of Sinopec Group& chairman of the board of SEG, and Mr. Juan Lladó, deputy chairmanof the board & CEO of Tecnicas Reunidas (Spain), signed the Consortium Agreement on Joint Bidding forKuwait Azul Integrated Refining & Chemical Complex at Moncloa Palace (office ofSpanish prime minister), in the presence of Mr. Xi Jinping, president of China,and Mr. Pedro Sánchez, prime minister of Spain. The agreement is a Joint Statement of the People's Republic ofChina and the Kingdom of Spain on Strengthening the Comprehensive StrategicPartnership for a New Era.



                The Signing Ceremony was Covered by Spanish TV

                The signing ceremony, conducted in the presence of the two heads of state, will greatly promote the two companies’ cooperation in contracting projects in the third party market, while bringing them closer for deeper cooperation. It is of great significance in enhancing SEG’s international reputation, strengthening international cooperation, expanding the international market, broadening global vision and promoting SEG’s efforts in carrying out the “One Belt and One Road” initiative and building itself into a world-class engineering company. 


                Mr. Yu Baocai Attended the Inaugural Meeting of China-Spain Business Consultancy Committee & Its First Session

                During his visit in Spain, Mr. Yu Baocai also participated in the event held for the heads of state of China and Spain to meet with entrepreneurs. Apart from listening to the briefing on the cooperation between SEG and Spanish companies, he met with the senior management of TR Spain, ACS Group and INTECSA, and exchanged ideas with them on topics such as implementing the consensus reached between the two heads of state, exploring the third party market and further deepening win-win cooperation between the two countries etc. Other company leaders from our side included Mr. Xiang Wenwu, general manager of SEG, Mr. Zhang Zheng, deputy director of International Cooperation Dept. of SEG, and Mr. Zhou Chengping, general manager of SEG Luoyang.


                 Mr. Yu Baocai Listened to the Briefing on Cooperation Between SEG and Spanish Companies


                Mr. Yu Baocai Met with Mr. Jose Llado, Executive Chairman of the Board of TR


                Mr. Yu Baocai Met with Mr. Florentino Pérez, Chairman of the Board of ACS & President of Real Madrid Football Club


                Mr. Xiang Wenwu Signeda Memo of Understanding for Cooperationwith Mr. Llamazales, Chairman of the Board & CEO of Intecsa

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